阅读下面摘自 China Daily 的一则简讯,写一篇100词左右的读后感

River Pollution
A great deal of dead fish can be found floating on the surface of the Huaihe River(淮河), because of serious pollution this summer. In a report, Anhui Daily called on residents (居民) to help protect the river against pollution.

要求:1 必须包括对上述主要内容的感想,可以适当增减细节,使其连贯、完整,


2 词数:100左右

Chinese people are now face to a serious problem–pollution. And this problem is a little bit different from others–the goverment can not solve it by themselves. We need everyone to protect our environment. But we also know that it is very hard to call everyone to join us to protect the environment. But it seems that they have found the way to let everybody know it. In a report, Anhui Daily called on residents to help protect the river against pollution. I am so glad about it. And i believe that somewhere the pollution must stop.






  英文名称:painted egg


  英文名称:traditional Chinese painting




  英文名称:block print


  英文名称:traditional Chinese realistic painting


  英文名称:painted egg – shell











  中文名称:点刻(法), 点画(法),画点画,点彩

  英文名称:mechanical drawing



Love with English

Faith, action and patience are the key elements in pursing our hobby

The impact that english has to our life is beyond words. It is one of the major courses to kids ever since they start their primary schools. In some areas, teachers even get toddlers fumbling with A.B.C in kindergartens. With Olympics being held in Beijing in 2008 and World Exposition in Shanghai 2010, English spree seems not going to die out very soon but will continue to grow.

To some people, it’s a big release, when seeing themselves graduate from the university and they don’t need to touch English anymore. Kiss you, bye-bye, someone exclaimed. While to some others, miserable is how they describe themselves. After years and years of study, some people, including me, still want continue their “love” with English. “I can’t just throw it away as I do with a textbook,” someone said here in this BBS. So, what to do then?

Well, don’t feel depressed. You are more than right to continue your “love” with English. How to do it? Well, easy! Just treat it as a hobby. If you look at the people around you, you will see almost all of them have hobbies. Some of them like sports, some like shopping, some enjoy playing majian… The list can go on and on. So, what’s wrong to treat it as your hobby? I know this sounds very bizarre to many people, but who cares.

Once we decide what our hobby is, it’s vital important that we need to take a good look at this particular “hobby”. As we all know, it consists of four major components – listening, speaking, reading and writing. It’s almost not practical to try to be perfect with all these four pillars. (Remember, I define it as a hobby, not a career.) So, ask yourself what you really want to pursue. If you are fond of translation, go for it. If you choose reading, well, why not?

As this hobby is quite different from others, we should therefore, need to work out a plan to make the hobby more practical. To me, this hobby requires faith, action and patience. Let’s talk about faith first. I trust you all agree with me that confidence and faith on ourselves should be the first step when you start our journey. This is more like “love-taking”. If you don’t think you can fall in love with a boy or a girl, what’s the point to try it. After all, you are just wasting your time.

Now, once you have the confidence, the trust you have on yourself. What need to be done next is to work out a plan. (Of course, you must make sure that you will follow it). Let’s say, you want to “fall in love” with translation. What you may choose to do is to go to a library and pick your “girl/boy friend”, that is the book that you want to “fall in love”. As there are many excellent Chinese versions being translated already, it’s quite easy to compare the work that you have done against what others have tried.

Lastly, we shouldn’t be too hard to ourselves. Remember, this hobby is totally different from others. You’ve got to give yourself time and patience. Again, this is very much like “love-talking”. You need to give yourself time to play around. Great Wall was not built overnight, right? So is our love.


Love with English



To meet Waterloo(倒霉,受毁灭性打击,灭顶之灾)



。遭遇滑铁卢,对一个人来说,后果不堪设想。无怪据说二战期间,在准备诺曼底反攻时,温斯顿·丘吉尔和随员冒雨去某地开会,其随员因路滑而摔了一跤,脱口说一句“To meet Waterloo!”丘吉尔竟联想到拿破仑兵败滑铁卢的典故,恼怒地斥责他:“胡说!我要去凯旋门呢!”

It’s Greek to me.(我不知道)


Greek Kalends(幽默,诙谐方式表达的永远不)


Castle in Spain(西班牙城堡,幻想,梦想。相当于汉语中的空中楼阁)

中世纪某一时期,西班牙是一个颇富浪漫色彩的国家,这句成语是和Castle in air(空中城堡)相齐名的,

Set the Thames on fire(火烧泰晤士河,这是何等伟大的壮举)


From China to Peru(从中国到秘鲁)


Between Scylla and Charybdis(锡拉和卡津布迪斯之间———在两个同样危险的事物之间:一个人逃出一种危险,而又落入另一种危险)


Spoil Egyptians(掠夺埃及———迫使敌人提供自己所需要的东西)


Do in Rome as Romans Do(在罗马,就按罗马人的方式办)


Carry Coals to Newcastle(把煤送到纽卡斯尔)

把某种东西送到一个人们根本不需要的地方。纽卡斯尔盛产煤,送煤到那里,岂不是多此一举。有趣的是法国也有类似的成语“del’eau a la riviere(送水到大河里)。”



    就如何医治”哑巴英语”的问题,笔者日前采访了在中国教授英语37年的美国教师彭蒙惠(Doris Brougham)博士,


    笔者: 您反复强调听说在英语教学中的作用,但是我们身在中国,说英语的机会很少,怎样创造或寻找这种机会呢?

    彭老师: 只要您用心,机会很多。据我所知很多电台和电视台都办了英语节目,收听或收看这些英语节目就是很好的听的机会。我还是特别提醒从事英语教学的老师,应该用英语讲解英语,不要让学生依赖汉语这个学英语的拐杖。学习英语应该练习用英语思维,如果每一句英语都必须翻译成汉语解释,再转成英语回答,就太复杂了。电视的教学节目也应当用英语讲解英语。 此外,您还可以参加一些英语的聚会,比如英语角,留心身边的英语教学课程和学习英语的伙伴。




  第1部分 整体建议

  1. We’d better develop our interest in english at the beginning of our study. To develop interest in English study is not very hard. We may have the feeling of satisfaction and achievement from our English study when we are able to say something simple in English, talk with others or foreigners in English and act as others’ interpreters.


  2. Plans are always very essential, so we must make some elaborate and workable plans before study. And we should certainly carry out these plans to the letter.

  制定英语学习计划太重要了,所以我们必须在学习前制定精细的和可操作的计划. 并且我们一定要严格执行这些计划.请注意:千万不要干没有计划的傻事,那等于在浪费生命.

  3. Notes should be made whenever we study any book. We may follow this advice: Don’t read book without making notes. As we know that notes are the summarization, the core content, our understanding and the abbreviations of the books. Our notes are much thinner than the books so that we can learn them by heart easier and can often review and read them. We may also record our notes on tapes so as to often listen to them easier, to deepen our impression and to lighten our burden of memory. Sometimes it is needful to draw some tables and illustrations that are very impressive, visual and concise.


  4. Watching English movies, English TV programs, listening to English songs and learn English on some special occasions are also excellent and vivid English learning ways as we may combine English with some certain scenes to deepen our memory.


  5. Never just memorize single English words. Learn by heart


I met you online

—–to my friend xiaonan

It was a special day. Because I was there in a chat room of OICQ. I seldom get into any of the chat rooms because I feel it boring after my time at high school.

That day, I didn’t know why,Perhaps it’s god who wanted me to meet you there, and then let us be good friends online.
I still remember that I left my name“Nikita” there in the english chat room but was doing other things , such as reading news, writing acticles , chatting with old friends.I just didn’t remember that I’ve got a name there.

 But then I came back, and saw your message to me :Hi, can we chat ?
 And I replied to you saying sorry , but you seemed off line because you gave me no answer.
 “Are you there?Angry?Sorry, would you please forgive me?”
 “Hello !”
Still no answer. You must be very angry with me. Then I read your information. You were a girl. Strange!On OICQ , there are few girls wanting to talk to the same gender. This made me happy and I did want to make friends with you from then on. But I thought you were angry.
Well,when I was just about to leave, you replied: Still
 “Yes !” I was more than excited at that time.
 “Sorry , I was answering a phone. :)”
 “It’s ok. Nice to meet you. May I know why you wanna chat with me?”
“I like your logo” was her answer.
So that was the first time we met.
Then we chatted more through OICQ,after knowing you,I was myself again, seldom get into the chat rooms. But we were both happy, we talked just like oldfriends.Remember?
Then one day I asked if we could exchange letters in ink.
Happy that you wanted so, too.
We contacted each other like that all the time , we don’t care whe–ther the letters are “snail ” or not. Yeah , that’s why I called it“snail-letter”. It’s slow, you know. But the joy when we heard from each other is further special.
Even now, we chatted online and write to each other,
just like real friends.
I just wanna tell you that I really happy to know you ,
I am happy that you chose my name to chat, and I am happy
that you treat me the way I like.
Let me tell you that I really want our friendship last forever!




This week — get ready for a short medical education in first aid.

Most accidental poisonings are the result of common things like medicines, insect chemicals and cleaning solutions.

Victims are generally advised to drink milk or water as a first step. But experts say never try to give liquids to someone who is having a violent reaction to a poison. And never try to force liquids into someone who is unconscious.

Seek professional medical help in case of a poisoning. Save the container of whatever caused it. And look on the container for information about anything that stops the effects of the poison.

If the victim vomits, save material expelled from the mouth so doctors can examine it.

In the past, in some cases, people were often advised to force vomiting in order to empty the stomach. But experts have questioned this treatment. They say there is a lack of evidence to support it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics no longer advises parents with young children to keep syrup of ipecac. That medicine forces vomiting. But the person could choke. And some poisons can cause additional damage coming back up.

Millions of people know about a way to save a person who is choking on food or some other object. It is commonly known as the Heimlich Maneuver.

If the victim is sitting or standing, get directly behind the person. Put your arms around the victim’s waist. Close one hand to form a ball and place it over the upper part of the stomach, below the ribs. Place the other hand on top and push forcefully inward and upward. Repeat these abdominal thrusts until the object is expelled from the mouth.

The maneuver is named for the American doctor credited with developing it by the early nineteen seventies. Henry Heimlich won the Albert Lasker Public Service Award in 1984.

Doctor Heimlich has described the maneuver as also an effective way to save people from drowning. He says the pushing action forces water out of the lungs. The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association disagree.

The heart association says there is evidence to suggest that the Heimlich Maneuver could do more harm than good to victims of a near-drowning. It says that at the very least, using the maneuver could delay other methods to start the victim breathing again. It says the maneuver should be used only in cases where the victim of a near-drowning is choking on an object.


The American Red Cross has changed its advice for treating choking victims who are conscious. The group now says a rescuer should first hit the person on the back five times between the shoulder bones. These back blows may ease the choking.

If not, the Red Cross says, then do five abdominal thrusts. It says to repeat these two steps until the victim is able to breathe or speak.

One person who has criticized the new Red Cross guidelines is Henry Heimlich. He argues that bac



  FIFA:The Federation internation de Football


  penalty mark:罚点球决胜负

  the Golden Ball Award:the best player on the basis of

  a vote by managers of national teams,金球奖

  the Golden Shoe Award:this award goes to the player

  who scores the highest number of goals金靴奖

  World Cup final tournament:世界杯总决赛




  co-hosts will enjoy home advantage:联合主办国将享有主场优势


学科术语 U

2001. 国际商务谈判 International Business Negotiate
2002. 国际英语阅读 International english Reading
2003. 跨国公司理论与实务 International Firm Concept & Affairs
2004. 英语函电 Business English Correspondence
2005. 微处理机和程序逻辑 Micro-Processor & Program Logic
2006. 微型计算机 Microcomputer
2007. 水机优化设计 Hydraulic Optimal Design
2008. 应用统计学 Statistics Application
2009. 新闻理论 Theories of Journalism
2010. 新闻理论 Theories of Journalism
2011. 锻造加热设备 Forging Heat Equipment
2012. 锻压测试技术 Forging Testing Technique
2013. 塑料模结构设计 Plastic Model Structure Design
2014. 国际经济学进出口业务 International Economics Import & Export Business
2015. 货物买卖合同 Contracts Cargo Deal
2016. 国际商品行情 International Market Quotation
2017. 国际经济行情 International Economics Quotation
2018. 对外贸易地理 International Marketing Geography
2019. 英文贸易书信 English Trading Letters
2020. 引进利用外资 Introduction of Foreign Investment
2021. 海商法 Law of Maritime Commerce
2022. 高等代数 Elementary Algebra
2023. 数学分析 Mathematical Analysis
2024. 中共党史 History of the Chinese Communist Party
2025. 算法语言 Algorithmic Language
2026. 体育 Physical Education
2027. 英语 English Language
2028. 力学实验 Mechanics-Practical
2029. 德育 Moral Education
2030. PASCAL语言 PASCAL Language
2031. 政治经济学 Political Economics
2032. 电学实验 Electrical Experiment
2033. 数字逻辑 Mathematical Logic
2034. 普通物理 General Physics
2035. 计算方法 Computing Method
2036. 离散数学 Discrete Mathematics
2037. 汇编原理 Principles of Assembly
2038. 概率与统计 Probability & Statistics
2039. 数据结构 Data Structure
2040. 哲学 Philosophy
2041. 微机原理 Principles of Microcomputer
2042. 编译方法 Compilation Method
2043. 系统结构 System Structure
2044. 操作系统原理 Principles of Operating System
2045. 文献检索 Documentation Retrieval
2046. 数据库概论 Introduction to Database
2047. 网络原理 Principles of Network
2048. 人工智能 Artificial Intelligence
2049. 算法分析 Algorithm Analysis
2050. 毕业论文 Graduation Thesis
2051. 自然辩证法 Natural Dialectics
2052. 英语 English Language
2053. 数理统计 Numeral Statistic/Numerical Statistic
2054. 人工智能及其体系结构 Artificial Intelligence & its Architecture
2055. 高级数理逻辑 Advanced Numerical Logic
2056. 高级程序设计语言的设计与实现 Advanced Programming Language’s Design & Implementation
2057. 软件工程基础 Foundation of Software Engineering
2058. 专业英语 Specialized English
2059. 计算机网络 Computer Network
2060. 高级计算机体系结构 Advanced Computer Architecture
2061. IBM汇编及高级语言的接口 IBM Assembly & its Interfaces with Advanced Programming Languages
2062. 分布式计算机系统 Distributed Computer System / Distributed System
2063. 计算机网络实验 Computer Network Experiment
2064. 高等数学 Advanced Mathematics
2065. 工程数学 Engineering Mathematics
2066. 中国革命史 History of Chinese Revolutionary
2067. 程序设计 Programming Design
2068. 机械制图 Mechanical Drawing
2069. 社会学 Sociology
2070. 体育 Physical Education
2071. 物理实验