exact (a.) 完全一样的

exact (a.)
A: We have a lot of pens to sell.

exact (a.) 完全一样的

B: “A lot” is how many? I need an exact figure.


例A:He worked very hard last year.


语法:一般过去时(Simple Past Tense)

例B:Mr. Smith bought a new car yesterday.


例C:They were here only a few minutes ago.



一般过去时最明显的现象就是常由表达过去之时间的副词或副词短语来修饰它(如各例句的斜体字部分)。这些常用于修饰一般过去时的副词有:yesterday, yesterday morning(afternoon, evening ), just now(刚才)。before(以前),then(at that time)(当时),last +时间(如last week, month, year, Monday, … January, … spring, …, etc. ),that +时间(如that day, afternoon, summer, …, etc. ),时间+ago(如a few minutes ago, two weeks ago , years ago, … etc.)

“过去”的概念并不是只指如 “yesterday, last week,… ” 等,实际上“与现在对立的过去”,亦即“非现在的以前”,哪怕是“过了说话时间的几分钟之前”,只要所要表达的时间与说话时的“现在”形成对立,就必须使用一般过去时来表达,例如:

He was here only a few minutes ago.


I came home just now.


在A项我们说明了“this + 时间,today, etc.”的时间副词常用于修饰一般现在时,但是实际上只要是“与说话时的现在”对立,就必须使用一般过去时。例如:

I got up very early this morning.


He was late for school again today.



Some People Like Different Friends.
Others Like Similar Friends. Compare
the Advantages of These Two Kinds of
Friends. Which Kind of Friends Do You
Prefer? Explain Why.


     It is universally known that friendship is one of the eternal themes in the literature of all languages. This is because human beings were born to need the warmth and laughter of friends. However it is impossible for us to make friends with everybody. We have to choose true friends. Some of us like similar friends, while others different friends. Personally,I prefer both.
      It goes Without saying that having similar friends has many advantages, We can feel a sense of strength when we have a group of old friends who would share our sufferings and happiness.  Moreover,  old friends always  know  how to maintain mutual trust and how to avoid potential friction. I always feel delighted when I meet an old friend after a long departure. Immediately, hearty laughter fills the atmosphere.
     Nevertheless I believe that a mixture of friends is equalty advantageous.  In the first place,  frequent contact with different friends broadens my world outlook. For instance,I have found, it a real treasure to have so many friends on the campus who often help, me reinforce my beliefs. Secondly, I have found that different friends cannot only lead to new adventures but alse show me new avenues in life.Thirdly,they can help me with whatever difficulties I encounter in life
     To conclude, I prefer to have both types of friends and as many as possible. Of course,I will not forget friends wisely.


1. You are an university student who are living in the accommodation at the campus. One day you find something wrong with your accommodation. So you write a letter to the House Officer to tell them what happened, the reason you think, what you decide to do, and whether if it is right.

  2. It is wrong that our government pay more money to the artist projects, for instance, there are more and more paintings and sculptures appearing at the public places, because there are more important thing to do. What‘s you opinion? Do you agree or disagree with it?

  3. writing to an english speaking college about qualification, accommodation, fee, what courses do you want to choose and why.

  4. Participating in a sport is as important for psychological health as it is for physical condition and social development.

  5. You have left college. But you didn‘t say goodbye to your friend who live in the room with you because he had a course at that time. Write a letter to him to appology and tell hem how you spend that days before you leave and how you get home. Then invite him to visit you.

  6. Some people say the parents should except school to conduct their children‘s behavior and tell them what is ‘right‘ or ‘wrong‘. Others say schools should take this responsibility. Please give your point about it.

  7. Write to the agency officer and complain about the rent car which has sth wrong. Tell them the problems of the car you rent from the agency and your requiring.

  8. As the developing countries and the third world countries, there are a funds, how to use it? Invest in the basic education or in the high-technology, for instance, computer? What‘s your opinion?

  9. You are a foreign student. Write to the Student Union, introduce your hobbies and interests and ask information of clubs and societies. You want to join a club or society enjoy your time when you study there.  

  10. Fast food is developing more and more popular. It replaces other traditional food. Some people think it is good, some people disagree with it. What‘s your opinion about it. Give some reason of your opinion.

  11. A friend will visit Beijing. You will meet him at airport. But for some reason, you have to be late. Explain the reason. Since you haven‘t meet each other, tell the friend where you will meet and how to recognize each other.

  12. More and more children‘s writing & math ability are affected by computers and calculators. We should limit the use of those tools. Disagree or agree.



be sick of… 对…感到厌烦
A: Do you like living in New York?
B: Yeah, but sometimes I get sick of all the noise and traffic.

be sick of… 对…感到厌烦


1. 喜欢和人打交道,还是和机器?
  Some people prefer work or activities that mainly involve working with people. Others choose work or activities that mainly involve working with objects or machines. Compare these types of activities. Which of them do you prefer? Give reasons to support your answer.

2. 春夏秋冬,喜忧为何?
  There are advantages and disadvantages to different seasons of the year, such as rainy or dry weather. Pick any two seasons that you are familiar with and compare the two. Describe what makes you prefer one over the other. What activities do you engage in? What feelings do you have during this season?

3. 坐公车,还是自家车?
  Public transportation includes buses, subways, trains, and taxis. Private transportation usually refers to private cars, bicycles, or motorcycles. Compare these two kinds of transportation, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Decide which is better, giving details to support your decision.

4. 在国内学,还是留学?
  There are both advantages and disadvantages to going to school in another country. Describe the good points and bad points about going to school in another country, and come to a conclusion about whether it is better or not to study abroad or stay at home. Give support for your opinion.

5. 生几个好?
  Some families have many children, while others have only one child. Think about the positive and negative aspects of being in a family with several children. What size of family seems best? Why?

6. 课堂学,还是课外学?
  We can be educated in many ways. Though much education happens in a classroom, we are also educated in our daily life through doing activities and listening to our friends and our family members. Which is a better way to learn: in a classroom with a teacher, or outside a classroom by doing things? Support your answer with examples and details.

7. 在家吃,还是上馆子?
  Some people usually cook and eat their meals in their homes, while others often eat their meals in restaurants, stores, or sidewalk cafes. What are some differences between these two ways of getting food? Which is better? Why? Give reasons to support your opinion.

8. 如何好好放松?
  People have different ways of relaxing. Some people like to go out walking. Others like to read, sleep, eat, listen to music, or watch television. Some people play sports or watch sports, while others dance and sing. What are some good ways to relax when you are not working? Describe some ways to relax that you are familiar with. Why are they good ways to relax? Explain your answer by giving examples.



                             How to Spend Sundays
     Though Sunday is set aside as a day for rest, we ought to devise some .good ways of spending it.
      Firstly, we should review what we have learned during the past week. “One will get something new in looking over one’s old studies” Is a very wise saying. If we do not fully understand what we have been taught in the week, how can we expect to understand next week’s lessons?
      Secondly, to increase our knowledge, we should read on Sundays, those books,newspaper and magazines that are not in our regular curriculum. That will do us good.
     The two ways of spending Sundays will surely do anyone good if he carries them out faithfully and persistently.


How to Spend Sundays(如何度过星期天)



                         A Happy Family
      Last year my father lost his job. At that time my parents felt a bit sad. I encouraged my father and said I was old enough and could do something to help. In order to help my parents, I took a part time job on weekends in the KFC near my home.
      Luckily, it didn’t take long time for my father to find a new job in a company. With the money I earned through working I bought a pair of new shoes for my father to celebrate the good news. My parents were deeply moved.
      I said, “We are a happy family whether we are rich or poor.


To Apologize 表达道歉

A: Oh, excuse me. I just spilled my coffee on your carpet.

B: Don’t worry about it.

A: Anyway I want to pay for the cleaning.

B: It’s no big deal.


A: I have been waiting for Mr. T. Carpenter for thirty minutes.

B: I’m sorry, but he’s still in a meeting.

A: Well, how much longer do you think he will be?

B: Oh, he should be finished soon.


A: I’m sorry I got angry at you at the party.

B: That’s too bad. Everyone will be disappointed.


A: I’m sorry if I’ve caused any problem.

B: No, no problem at all.


A: I’m sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting long?

B: No, I just got here.


A: Oh, I’m terribly sorry, sir. Are you all right?

B: I’m all right. Don’t worry.


A: Ouch!

B: Oh, I beg your pardon.


life ban:


life ban:

  报道如下:Chinese top distance runner Sun Yingjie has finally been handed two-year suspension for doping and her coach Wang Dexian suffered a life ban on second violation of antidoping rules.

  报道中的life ban指的是”终身禁赛”,就是完全出局,再也没有参加任何比赛的资格了,如:The football player received a life ban for using illegal drugs.(该足球员因为使用禁药而被终身禁赛。)Inter Coach Mancini got two-match ban because of impolite words.(国际米兰教练因出言不逊而被禁赛两场。)