1) 表示目的;它的否定式是so as not to do,

不定式的特殊句型so as to

   Tom kept quiet about the accident so as not to lose his job. 
   Go in quietly so as not to wake the baby.

2) so kind as to —劳驾
   Would you be so kind as to tell me the time?


Our School Life

                              Our School Life
      I don’t think our school life is colorful. Because we’ve got so many classes every day.  I wonder whether we can change our school life someday. You see, from Monday to Friday, I have to stay at school. The only relaxation is to listen to the radio or play ball games. At weekends, we need to go to school to have classes, too.  I know it’s very important for us to study well now. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. “I want to step into the nature. I hope we will have
more activities such as visiting museums, taking part in different kinds of contests, attending some lectures and so on. Is it only a dream?


Sedan: 小轿车



Sedan: 小轿车



  The Habo No. 1 looks like any one of the legions of Volkswagen sedans in China. But a peek under the hood reveals an array of chrome canisters instead of the usual engine – the Habo is fueled not by gas but hydrogen peroxide.

  ”This car only emits water vapor and oxygen,” said He Limei, project director for Shanghai Habo Chemical Technology Co., showing the Habo at an exhibition of ecologically friendly cars outside Shanghai.

  Sedan 表示“私家轿车,小轿车”,此外还有“轿子”的含义,相当于sedan-chair.


821. I saw him playing football on the playground.我看见他在操场上踢足球,


822. It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting.就在明天(而不是在别的某一天)他们要开会。
823. Let me tell you some details about clearance.让我告诉你一些通关的细节。
824. The brain needs a continuous supply of blood.大脑需要连续不断地供血。
825. The doctor’s words made him feel comfortable.医生的话让他感觉很舒服。
826. The truth is quite other than what you think.事实真相和你所想的完全不同。
827. They stopped talking when their boss came in.当老板进来的时候;他们停止了交谈。
828. They were glad of the examination being over.他们为考试结束了而高兴。
829. This is by far the largest cake in the world.这是目前世界上最大的蛋糕了。
830. Whichever you choose, you won’t be satisfied.不论你选择哪一个,你都不会满意。
831. Will you connect this wire to the television ?你把这根电线和电视机连上好吗?
832. His words are strongly impressed on my memory.他的话深深地铭记在我的心头。
833. Is this the fight bus for the Capital Library?这辆车到首都图书馆吗?
834. One third of this area is covered with forest.这一地区三分之一的地方都是森林,
835. They are arguing over who should pay the bill.他们为谁应该付款而争论不休。
836. Wait a moment, I’ll be with you in an instant.等一下,我立刻就来。
837. You’ll save time not waiting for the elevator.你可以节省等电梯的时间。
838. A clear conscience laughs at false accusation.只要问心无愧,无端的指责可以一笑置之。
839. I have a headache, and she has a stomachache.我头疼,她胃疼。
840. He glared at Bill, ready to teach him a lesson.他怒视着比尔,准备教训他一顿。
841. I assure you that you will feel no pain at all.我保证你根本不会觉得疼的。
842. I can’t afford to go to a restaurant every day.每天都去餐馆吃饭,我真是支付不起。
843. I left at 6:00 so that I could catch the train.我六点钟出门,以便赶上火车。
844. I’m afraid I have some rather bad news for you.我恐怕有些很坏的消息要告诉你。
845. Learn to say the fight thing at the fight time.学会在适当的时候说适当的话。


Handset: 手机




  Nokia Oyj, whose mobile-phone market share slid to a five-year low earlier this year, gained ground in the third quarter after the Finnish company cut prices and introduced cheaper models.

  The world’s largest handset maker’s market share grew to 31 per cent in the third quarter from 29 per cent in the previous three months, said Strategy Analytics, a Boston-based researcher. Samsung Electronics Co, the No 3, closed in on second-placed Motorola Inc, and LG Electronics Inc passed Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd to become No 5.


Handset: 手机

,手机还有combined set和mobile-phone等说法。


Unit Twenty

  Economy is one powerful motive for camping, since after the initial outlay upon equipment, or through hiring it, the total expense can be far less than the cost of hotels.
  That the equipment of modern camping becomes yearly more sophisticated is an entertaining paradox for the cynic, a brighter promise for the hopeful traveler who has sworn to get away from it all. It also provides – and some student sociologist might care to base his thesis upon the phenomenon – an escape of another kind. The modern traveler is often a man who dislikes the Splendide and the Bellavista, not because he cannot afford or shun their material comforts, but because he is afraid of them. There is no superior “they” in the shape of managements and hotel hierarchies to darken his holiday days.
  To such motives, yet another must be added. The contemporary phenomenon of motorcar worship is to be explained not least by the sense of independence and freedom that ownership entails. To this pleasure camping gives an exquisite refinement.
  From one’s own front door to home or foreign hills or sands and back again, everything is to hand. Not only are the means of arriving at the holiday paradise entirely within one’s own command and keeping, but the means of escape from holiday hell ( if the beach proves too crowded, the local weather too nasty ) are there, outside – or, as likely, part of – the tent.
  Idealists have objected to the practice of camping, as to the packaged tour, that the traveler abroad thereby denies himself the opportunity of getting to know the people of the country visited. Insularity and self-containment, it is argued, go hand in hand. The opinion does not survive experience of a popular Continental camping place. Holiday hotels tend to cater for one nationality of visitors especially, sometimes exclusively. Camping sites, by contrast, are highly cosmopolitan



第23讲:take candy from a baby; a piece of cake

。因此,在英语里有不少成语和俗语是形容办事很容易的。其中之一就是:To take candy from a baby。Candy就是吃的糖,baby在中文里就是小孩。To take candy from a baby的意思就是:某件事情很容易办成,就像把孩子手里的糖拿来一样。请听下面这个例子:

例句-1: “Getting grandmother to loan me the money was as easy as taking candy from a baby.”


例句-2: “Louey told us that robbing this bank would be as easy as taking candy from a baby. But somebody told the police and they were waiting for us. We had no choice but to throw down our guns and surrender.”


To take candy from a baby,欺负小孩,从小孩手里拿糖,在想象当中是很容易的。但是,实际情况恐怕并不见得如此,发明这个成语的人也许从来也没有设法把婴儿的小拳头扒开,然后把那小手里的糖拿来。任何做过父母的人都会告诉你孩子一般都会紧握着手里的糖不放,要是你硬是要拿,他就会大声哭叫。可是,尽管如此,to take candy from a baby已经成为美国人经常用来形容办事容易的词汇了。
另外一个形容事情很容易办的俗语也是和食品有联系的,这就是:A piece of cake。Piece 是指一片,或一块;cake就是蛋糕。A piece of cake的意思当然可以是指一块蛋糕。可是,作为俗语,它的意思就成了:这件事太容易了。例如,一个工作人员,犹豫了好久,最后终于鼓足了勇气去和老板提出增加工资的要求。他原来以为要和老板进行一番争论。可是,出乎他的意料,老板马上同意了,还说,他确实应该增加工资了。这样,他喜笑颜开地回到家里对太太说:

例句-3: “Honey, I finally asked Old Man Jones for my raise. And it was a piece of cake!”


首先使用 A piece of cake 这个俗语的是二次世界大战期间联军的飞行员。那时,他们往往是这样说的:

例句-4: “At the briefing before we took off to bomb the Germans, our commander told us it would probably be a tough flight. But it turned out to be a piece of cake: no anti-aircraft fire and no enemy fighters.”

上面我们讲了两个形容事情很容易办的俗语。一个是To take candy from a baby;第二个俗语是A piece of cake。


The information age



1、 论说文
例1:Buying or Borrowing Books?
(1) 有些人认为书应该借来看
(2) 有些人认为书应该买来看
(3) 你的选择?
Buying or Borrowing Books?

Books can arm us with knowledge and information we need to make success of life. There are generally two ways in which we can have access to books: borrowing or buying. While millions are borrowing books, I still think buying them best suits me and gives me the greatest pleasure.

Many people choose to borrow books. For one thing, borrowing books can save us huge amounts of money. For another, if we borrow books from the library or friends, we normally have deadline to finish them. And consequently we can read more books in a limited time, just as a famous Chinese saying goes, “books can not be read unless borrowed.”

I believe that advantages for buying books are more obvious and compelling. Firstly, we can keep the books as long as we wish. Secondly, we can take whatever notes on the margin of the pages of the books. Finally, the process of selecting and keeping books can be a great fun.

例2:论电话与写信 Will Phones Kill Letter Writing?

1. 许多人都认为人电话将取代写信,你认为呢?
2. 请列举能支持你观点的论据
3. 给一个简短的结论
Will Phones Kill Letter Writing?
Today, more than ever before, we depend on the expediency brought about by such modern devices as phones. As a result, when we feel the need to communicate with friends, instead of picking up the pen to set down to serious writing, we pick up the phone. Indeed, we speak so much and write so little that some people begin to suspect that phones will kill letter writing. However widely used it is today, the phone will not take the place of letter, for both phone and letter writing have respective functions to perform.

There are at least two reasons, as far as I am concerned, why this will not happen. For one thing, although phones admittedly have already taken over many roles traditionally played by the letter, there are certain areas such as commercial transactions and legal correspondence, in which black and white sincerity and confirmation is still a must. For another, in no way can a quick phone conversation convey and accomplish as much as a deliberate, well worded letter does. For instance, there seems to be no better device than letter writing to express deep, heart-felt, profound love, a fact underlined by the enormous love letters of great men and women.

As we know, in the 1960’s, there had been so much talk that TV would kill newspapers. And it has never happened. Today we are in a similar situation. We can be certain, for the reasons discussed above, that letter writing is irreplaceable.

例3:论挫折Is Frustration a Bad Thing?

According to The New Oxford Dictionary of english, frustration, by definition, means the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. Since frustration seems to be a negative feeling, some people may be tempted to think that frustration is bad for people. They believe that constant frustration may cause serious mental problems. People suffering from such psychological problems often resort to violence or suicide, which poses a big threat to the people around them and thus causes instability to the whole society.
 Others, however, hold a different view. They maintain that it is beneficial to people. It goes side by side with success. It inspires people to overcome hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. People with this view even go so far as to say that no frustration, no success. Indeed, we cannot always hope to embrace success and never accept failure. And most importantly, only if we learn from many a failure can we do things better and finally overcome such a bad feeling as frustration.
 Frustration thus is part of our life experience. In our process of growing up, we may inevitably experience it when confronted with situations that don’t come up to our expectations. It is a test of our courage when it befalls us. If we let it control us, we may fall into the abyss of being inflicted by serious psychological problems. But if we harness it and take it as our source of inspiration, we may ultimately enjoy the glory of success.



A. staying at home

B. traveling

C. doing social investigation

D. other ways

From the two charts, we can see that in the past ten years the students who go traveling and do social investigations during vacations have increased greatly while those who stay at home have decreased a lot.

There are several reasons for the changes. Firstly, with the development of economy, many people have become better off. Students can get financial support from their parents for traveling. Secondly, tourism has greatly developed over the past ten years. Many new scenic spots have been built and exploited. In addition, the students today are expected and encouraged to participate in facing the real world. In this way they can obtain the necessary experiences required when they go job-hunting upon graduation.

From the changes in the charts, we can predict that more and more college students will make their vacations interesting and worthwhile by going to the outside world instead of staying at home.


例:A Welcome Back Celebration


2.班上同学准备cheer her up.


Yang Ling is my fellow classmate and friend. Recently she had a terrible condition and has been hospitalized for over a month. She was depressed, sad and downhearted. She told us so many things are working against her, and she didn’t know how to change and redirect herself.

The day before she was released from hospital, we, some of her friends decided to give a surprise to cheer her up the next day. That night, she came back, shoulders bent and head fallen. She was so deep in her bad mood that she didn’t realize that her dorm is the only one in the building that is dark. She turned the key in the lock and opened the door when the room was suddenly lit like a bright day. Her eyes sparkled with delight and surprise. She saw all her classmates crowded in this tiny room. Everyone was holding something in his hand, flowers, fruits, cards, cheering, “Welcome back!” She was so moved that she burst into tears. And smile returned to her pretty face. She said “Thank you all.” heartedly.

Ever since that day, happiness and delight have stayed with her. Life is so wonderful.



1. 简述上周五系学生会搞的一次以环保为主题的到某一湖区拾trash的活动,


2. 上述活动的效果及存在的问题。

3. 你的建议。

My fellow students,

Last Friday, the Students’ Union of our Department organized a clean-up project to Zhongshan Lake. The purpose of this project is to enhance(加强)the environment awareness of general public. Late in the afternoon around 4, a group of 35 volunteers went to the park where we pick up the trash(垃圾)left by some tourists. As head of the group, I would like to report to you on the event.

Actually, we did a wonderful job. When we were collecting the trash near the lake, many people paused to watch and then came to our help, showing considerable appreciation and support. But our work still left some to be desired. For one thing, since our project started late in the afternoon, hours were not long enough to attract enough people as we had predicted. For the other, lots of people passed by apparently not knowing what we were doing. But for these two drawbacks, our project could have been much better and more effective.

So, following are two of my suggestions: next time we have similar activities, try to start earlier, say in the morning. In this case we can put in more hours. And also, as we are getting along, we can put up some posters to tell people what we are doing and call their attention to environment protection. Thank you.


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  If you're not building a future, that's because you don't believe there is a future.




  You keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


  Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.


  The more people you love, the weaker you are.


  Only a fool thinks he can solve the world's problems.


  Leonard, I am overwhelmed.Everthing is changing and it's simply too much.


  Little warning before you jump into this marriage business: you are not just marrying him, you are marrying his family.


  A lot can happen between now and never.


  You have to honestly confront your limitations with what you do.