北京奥运开幕式(Olympic Opening Ceremony)

  The world will be stunned by China’s opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on August 8 in Beijing, The Sydney Morning Herald said on Friday.?

  In a story about the rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony on Wednesday night, the paper quoted Ric Birch, a chief adviser to the director of the ceremony Zhang Yimou, as saying that "The world can expect, of course, to be gobsmacked."?

  Birch, an Australian, has been involved in all the opening ceremonies since he cemented his reputation as a creative guru at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.?

  The story said the extravagant light show of the rehearsal also featured the inner shell of Beijing National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, lit in a vibrant red.?

  It added that Zhang Yimou has been trying to fit 5,000 years of Chinese culture into 50 minutes during the grand opening ceremony. However, weather is another challenge for the ceremony, the paper added.?



  一篇关于北京奥运会开幕式的彩排报道中,总导演张艺谋的首席顾问Ric Birch说:“整个世界毫无疑问将为之目瞪口呆。”?











  Most shops in Britain open at 9.00 a.m. and close at 5.00 or 5.30 in the evening. Small shopsusually close for an hour at lunchtime. On one or two days a week-usually Thursday and/or Friday-some large food shops stay until about 8.00 p.m. for late night shopping.

  Many shops are closed in the afternoon on one day a week. The days is usually Wednesday orThursday and it is a different day in different towns. Nearly all shops are closed on Sunday. News-paper shops are open in the morning, and sell sweets and cigarettes as well. But there are legal restrictions on selling many things on Sundays. Many large food shops(supermarkets)are self-service. When you go into one of these shops you take a basket and you put the things you wish to buy into it. You queue up at the cash-desk and pay for everything just before you leave. If anyone tries to take things from a shop without paying they are almost certain to be caught. Most shops have store detectives who have the job of catching shoplifters. Shoplifting is considered a serious crime by the police and the courts. When you are waiting to be served in a shop, itis important to wait your turn. It is important not to try to be served before people who arrived before you. Many people from overseas are astonished at the British habit of queuing.  


  This article tells us about British shops. British shops usually open at 9.00 a.m. and close at 5.00or 5.30 p.m. Many shops are closed in the afternoon one day a week. Nearly all shops are closed on Sundays. In Britain, many large food shops are self-service. And when you wait to be served in a shop, you have to wait patiently for your turn.


  二、短文评论(Brief Comment)阶段。


  From the article we learned about British shops, about their opening and closing time and their service. But we find that there are something inconvenient with British shop service. First is the time. Shops in Britain open very late and close too early. Second is that there is almost no Sunday service. Where can people go if they suddenly need to buy something? The last is the habit of queuing. It will be a waste of time if the queue is too long.


  三、引导写作(Guided Writing)阶段。

  引导写作可分为重新编排句子顺序。规定情景作文。看图作文。提纲作文。关键词作文等形式。这些形式均可以用于训练,但以提纲作文和关键词作文多用为佳. 提纲作文是一种给出题目和段落提纲的习作方式,其段落写作提纲可以采用段落主旨句的形式,也可以是短语。关键词作文是一种给出作文题目和一些关键词或词组的命题作文形式。由于有段落写作提纲或主旨句等,进行习作时,减少了审题环节,且写作思路受到引导。在训练初期,引导写作的命题应尽量与所学英语书本的内容挂钩,使学生能够参照一部分课文所学的词汇与结构,避免大多生词。如针对上篇短文便可出一道相关命题引导学生习作:

  题目:shops in China

  提纲:(1)中国商店的作息时间 (2)中国商店的周未服务情况 (3)中国商店服务态度的好坏 以上是关于英语习作初级阶段的训练步骤。三个步骤的三种形式,相承相继,循序渐进,为进入自由命题写作打下了良好的基础。既适合教师指导学生习作课使用,也适合学习者自我训练。事实证明,这三个步骤是英语习作人门的有效做法。



For four years in a row(连续四年)

  a year-on-year increase(比上年增加)

  reform and opening up policy(改革开放政策)

  social programs(社会事业)

  per capita(每人的,人均的)

  after adjusting for inflation(扣除价格因素)

  moderately prosperous society(小康社会)

  macroeconomic regulatory(宏观调控)

  new socialist countryside(社会主义新农村)

  pursuant to the law(依法)


  rural migrant workers in cities(农民工)

  surplus production capacity(生产力过剩)

  opened to traffic(通车)

  energy conservation(节能)

  state-owned enterprises(国有企业)

  civil servant(公务员)

  made breakthroughs(取得突破)

  compulsory education(义务教育)

  miscellaneous fees(杂费)

  boarding schools(寄宿制学校)


  distance education(远程教育)

  secondary vocational schools(中等职业学校)

  incorporated villages(行政村)

  unincorporated villages(自然村)

  After years of effort(经过多年努力)

  basic cost of living allowances(最低生活保障)

  autonomous regions(自治区)

  free our minds(解放思想)

  keep pace with the times(与时俱进)

  Chinese socialism(中国特色社会主义)


  social harmony(社会和谐)

  special administrative regions(特别行政区)

  prudent fiscal policy.(稳健的财政政策)

  boosting domestic demand(扩大内需)


  displaced residents((三峡)移民)

  non-publicly funded schools(民办学校)

  school year(学年)

  communicable diseases(传染病)

  social safety net(社会保障)


  discharged military personnel(退伍军人)

  pyramid schemes(传销)

  pilot project(试点)

  Income Tax(所得税)

  futures market(期货市场)

  high value-added(高附加值)


  cutthroat competition(恶性竞争)

  combat corruption(反腐)

  hand over foot(大手大脚)


  plug up loopholes(堵塞漏洞)

  People’s Armed Police(武警)

  starting point and objective(出发点和落脚点)

  socialist market economy(社会主义市场经济)

  Scientific Outlook on Development(科学发展观)

  harmonious socialist society(社会主义和谐社会)

  tailor measures to suit local conditions(因地制宜)

  South-to-North Water Diversion Project(南水北调)

  administrative examination and approval(行政审批)

  follow a realistic and pragmatic approach(实事求是)


  exercise activities for the general public(全民健身活动)

  large-scale development of the western region(西部大开发)

  processing industry for agricultural products(农产品加工业)

  municipalities directly under the central government(直辖市)

  primary, secondary and tertiary industry(第一第二第三产业)

  deliver a good report to the people.(向人民交出满意的答卷)

  socialist cultural and ethical progress(社会主义精神文明建设)

  give full play to the initiative of each.(充分发挥各自的积极性)

  registering the third consecutive annual increase(连续三年增加)

  physically and mentally challenged persons(残疾人,肢残和智残)

  resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.(资源节约型和环境友好型社会)

  ensure that all of the people share in the fruits of reform and development.(让全体人民共享改革发展的成果)








  课堂上,老师可以有意的创造全英文的环境,例如老师授课用英文,要求学生用英文做到,达到一种“no Chinese”的环境。记得我上初中那会,英语课老师就是用全英文的方式来授课,把我们这批孩子的听力训练的顶呱呱,可惜就可惜在当时没有形成全英文氛围,我们课堂上还是用中文老交流,除了回答问题的时候使用一些简单的英文句子。现在生活这么好了,找到全英文教学的学校或者培训班,都是很简单的事情。如果条件允许的话,可以给孩子们换一个好一点的环境,如果条件有限,也可以用过父母创造环境的方式。



  (2)英语广播随时播。现在,英语广播节目是多的不得了,重点推荐FM 91.5,或者是一些国外广播节目。有机会,可以播给孩子听,目的不在于听得懂,而是培养一个环境,《经验分享:如何培养孩子的英语应用能力》。
















When I was young,my father ,who always taught me how to be a true man,told me that it is essential to be tolerant in your life whatever happens.And that remains the most valuable present he gave me,I think
To be tolerant, I need to keep calm when great trouble lies in front of me,however difficult it is to overcome it; To be tolerant ,I need to resist the temptation of all kinds of the outside world,even if it is so attractive; To be torlerant, I need to pull myself(控制自己情绪) in times of extreme sorrows and joys, no matter how they affect me.
And this is ,in my opinion, the most precious present my father have given me.I have long tried to act like what he said and I am making progress little by little.As Father said , this tolerance will be the basic element I need to be successful.
I’m proud of my father.I’m proud of being offered the golden advice the life


The Function of Education

  Benjamin Rankling, to whom this University owes so much, realized too that while basic principles of natural science, of morality and of the science of society were eternal and immutable, the application of these principles necessarily changes with the patterns of living conditions from generation to generation. I am certain that he would insist, were he with us today, that it is the whole duty of the philosopher and the educator to apply the eternal ideals of truth and goodness and justice in terms of the present and not terms of the past. Growth and change are the law of all life.
  Yesterday’s answers are inadequate for today’s problems – just as the solutions of today will not fill the needs of tomorrow.
  Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless They have fresh meaning for every new social situation.
  It is the function of education, the function of all of the great institutions of learning in the United States, to provide continuity for our national life – to transmit to youth the best of our culture that has been tested in the fire of history. It is equally the obligation of education to train the minds and talents of our youth: to improve, through creative citizenship, our American institutions in accord with the requirements of the future.
  We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
  It is in great universities like this that the ideas which can assure our national safety and make tomorrow’s history, are being forged and shaped. Civilization owes most to the men and women, known and unknown, whose free, inquiring minds and restless intellects could not be subdued by the power of tyranny.
  This is no time for any man to withdraw into some ivory tower and proclaim the right to hold himself a



  1.       The boss___40 dollars from my wages without any good reasons.

  A. brought down    B. kept back  C. cut off   D. held up

  2.       ______ the lights off, we could not go on with the work.

  A. Until   B. As  C. With   D. Because

  3.       With a great weight_______off her mind, she passed all the tests successfully.

  A. taking  B. taken  C. take   D. to be taken

  4.       You’d better give the task to ______you think can finish it ahead of time.

  A. whoever   B. whomever   C. anyone   D. no matter who

  5.       Although knocked by down by a car, he managed to ______ to his feet.

  A. stand   B. rise   C. run   D. struggle

  6.       We were lost in the forest; ______, it became dark and began raining.

  A. still worse   B. worse still   C. more worse   D. worse more

  7.       He says he really can’t ______ to wait another day.

  A. waste   B. afford   C. spend   D. cost

  8.       When we think of communication, we _____ think of using things, talking face to face, writing messages and so on.

  A. shortly   B. probably  C. practically   D. normally

  9.       Will you please spare me some ink? I have ______ it.

  A. run down of   B. run out of   C. run out from D. run off

  10.   When I came in, I saw him ______ in a chair deep in thought.

  A. sat   B. seated   C. seating    D. being seated




  11.   A person’s ____ body temperature is about 37C.

  A. ordinary  B. normal   C. common  D. usual

  12.   – Do you think the Suns will beat Bulls?

  –Yes. They have better players, so I _____ them to win.

  A. hope   B. prefer   C. expect  D. want

  13.   As the strong winds blew down many tall trees, some of the streets in the city were _______.

  A. struck   B. caught    C. c



Keeping a diary in english is one of the effective ways to improve our English writing ability. Compared with other forms of writing, it is shorter and takes less time. It can help us to cultivate the habit of thinking in English. If we persist in this practice, gradually we’ll learn how to express ourselves in English. In keeping a diary in English, we inevitably run up against a lot of difficulties .In the first place, it often happens that we have trouble finding appropriate words and phases to give expression to our mind. Secondly , there are many idiomatic ways of saying things in Chinese. And it is extremely hard for us to put them into English properly. Certainly, there are some other roadblocks we may come across in our keeping a diary in English. As far as I’m concerned, my suggestion is that we should always have a notebook and a Chinese-English dictionary within easy reach. Whenever something beats us, we can first put it down in our notebook and then consult our dictionary. We can also turn to our English teacher for help, if necessary. In short, I believe that it is of great use to keep a diary in English for the development of our writing skills.


扮演…的角色play the role of
给…腾出地方make room for
对某人无礼be rude to sb.
用完run out of
高峰时间,拥挤时间rush hour
满足某人的需要satisfy one’s needs
节省体力save one’s strength
也就是说that is to say
为某事责备某人scold sb.for sth.
就座,坐下take one’s seat
不让人知道某事,保密keep sth.a secret
抓住小偷的衣领seize athief by the collar
与某人握手shake hands with sb.
店员;营业员shop assistant
领某人出去/进来show sb.out/in
炫耀show off
对岸;在…另一面on the other side of
支持某人(方)take the side of
站在…一边take sides in
看不见lose sight of
看到,发现catch sight out
看不见out of sight
静静地in silence
和…类似的be similar to
单程票single ticket
量…的大小(尺寸)take the size of
slip anote into one’s hand
在雪地上滑倒slip on the snow
克服困难smooth away difficulties
大约or so
与…有关系have something to do with
国歌the national song
大胆地说,清楚并响亮地说speak out
发言,演讲make aspeech
以…的速度at aspeed of
平方公里square kilometers
代表,象征stand for
饿死starve to death
处于良好状态in agood state
逐步地,一步一步地step by step
遵守诺言stick to one’s word/promise
趴在地上lie on one’s stomach
四层楼的住宅a house of four storeys
赶上风暴be caught in the storm
对…要求严格be strict with sb.in sth.
擦火柴strike amatch
挣扎着起来struggle to one’s feet
仔细研究make astudy of
突然,冷不防all of asudden
暑假summer holidays
向某人供应/提供supply sb.with sth.
使某人惊奇的是to one’s surprise
擦脸上的汗sweat off one’s face
坐下吃饭sit down to table
纳税pay one’s taxes
沏茶make tea
用望远镜through atelescope
讲故事tell astory
辨别,分清tell one from the other
量体温take one’s tem perature
数以万计tens of thousands of
被…吓了一跳be terrified at
因某事感谢某人be thankful to sb.for sth.
扔掉throw away
吐出(食物),呕吐throw up
立刻,很快in no time
交通堵塞traffic jam
跟某人开玩笑,欺骗某人play atrick on sb.
处于困境(苦恼)中be in trouble
一条裤子a pair of trousers
上大学attend university
拜访某人pay avisit to sb.
高声地(喊)at the top of one’s voice
在交战at war
穿旧;使筋疲力尽wear out
拔草pull out the weeds
穿着白色衣服be dressed in white
通盘,作为整体as awhole
总的来说on the whole


Where there is awill,there is away.
乐意做某事be willing to do sth.
擦掉灰尘wipe off the dust
创造奇迹make wonders
不足为奇;难怪no wonder
插话get in aword
和某人说句话have aword with sb.
总之,简言之in aword



第9讲:pull your socks up; knock ones socks off


例句-1:Pull their socks up and get back in the game.


例句-2:Pull your socks up.


例句-3:I have bad news: our sales were off 18% for the last quarter. So I’m telling you guys — you have to pull your socks up and get out there and sell more stuff, or you’ll be looking for new jobs this summer.


另外一个由socks组成的习惯用语是: knock your socks off. Knock your socks off的意思和pull your socks up完全不同。它的意思是:使人感到非常震惊。下面这个例子是一个老板在对他的推销员说话:

例句-4:Wait until you hear my new marketing plan — it’ll knock you socks off!



例句-5:Have you seen Jack’s sister, who’s here visiting from California? She’ll knock your socks off: she’s the most gorgeous-looking woman I’ve seen for a long time.