messy (a.) 一团混乱的

messy (a.) 一团混乱的

A: Can you grab my calculator from my desk?
B: No way. Your desk is way too messy.

messy (a.) 一团混乱的



Changes In Our Life



第20讲:up in arms; at arms length

。有些习惯用语从字面上就可以很明显地了解它的意思,不需要解释。With open arms 就是一个很好的例子。当你听到一个朋友说: “My family received me with open arms when I came back from my trip to California.” 很明显,这是说当你的朋友去加利福尼亚州后回家的时候,他家里的人都非常欢迎他。可是,有些习惯用语就不像with open arms这样容易理解了。比如说,什么是:Up in arms?这儿的arms不是指手臂了,而是指武器,如枪、炮、箭等。Up in arms的意思是起来进行武装斗争,或者非常愤怒,准备打架。我们来举个例子:

例句-1: “All us students are up in arms at the news the school is raising our tuition ten percent.”


例句-2: “No way am I going to vote for a bill to raise income tax again. The voters back home are already up in arms about how much the government takes out of their pay already and I have to run for re-election this fall.”
下面我们要讲的另一个由arms这个字组成的习惯用语是:At arm’s length。Length在中文里的意思就是长短。At arm’s length就是指和某人保持一定距离。下面这个例子是一个大学生在和他同宿舍的同学说话,请大家注意at arm’s length 这个习惯用语在句子里是怎么用的:

例句-3: “I keep trying to get friendly with that lovely blonde who sits next to me in biology class. But she keeps me at arm’s length.”

在用at arm’s length作为和谁保持一定距离的时候,一般都是这么说的:to keep someone at arm’s length。


例句-4: “Let me warn you about this Smith fellow. He seems like a nice, friendly guy. But it’s wise to keep him at arm’s length. You get too friendly with him, and the first thing he’ll do is ask to borrow money from you.”
今天我们介绍了两个和arms 有关的习惯用语。第一个是:Up in arms,这是指起来进行武装斗争,或者非常愤怒,准备打架。另一个是:At arm’s length 或者To keep someone at arm’s length,这是和某人保持一定距离的意思。




。他们会用到两个常用语:tacky和swallow one's pride。

  LH: Larry,你看,这是我妈送你的礼物!

  Larry: Interesting…Is…Is that a rug?

  LH: 什么啊?这是毛衣!多好看啊!

  Larry: That's a sweater? Oh, my.。.

  LH: 你看!我妈还在这儿别了张纸条,上面说,这是她亲手给你织的。我妈真有两下子,是不是啊,Larry?

  Larry: …Oh my。

  LH: 怎么?你不喜欢?

  Larry: Umm…Look, Lihua. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but…It's just a little tacky for what I'd normally wear。

  LH: Tacky?什么意思?

  Larry: Well…basically…not fashionable。

  LH: 不时髦?俗气?这毛衣怎么俗气了?!

  Larry: Well, look at this design…there are pine trees and little people knit into it。

  LH: 那怎么了,有松树有小人儿就俗气?

  Larry: Well, a little bit. And look at these colors…bright green and red on black? It's so tacky it almost hurts my eyes… and plus, look at the.。.

  LH: 你还嫌颜色太鲜艳,亮得闪了你的眼?!行了行了!I don't think they're tacky at all. 我觉得一点儿都不俗!我妈亲手织的,看你敢不穿!

  Larry: Listen, I know you like tacky clothing, and that's fine. But I'm not wearing it。

  LH: 什么?你说我喜欢俗气的衣服?!我哪有!

  Larry: OK, for example, your pink Hello Kitty tennis shoes are quite tacky。

  LH: 粉色的hello kitty网球鞋不是tacky,是可爱!可爱!

  Larry: They would be cute on an 8-year old girl, not a college-aged young woman…And how about that jacket you have with all the extra zippers all over it?

  LH: 哼!咱俩眼光不同,我不跟你争了。反正我妈的这件爱心毛衣,你非穿不可。

  Larry: Lihua, I don't think you understand. There is no way I'm going out in public with that thing on!

  LH: 你不穿我就要生气了!

  Larry: Forget about it! (a second passes) Lihua, come on. Don't be angry. Lihua?

  LH: 别理我,我正生气呢。

  Larry: (Begrudgingly, sighs) OK, fine. I guess I'll have to swallow my pride and wear the sweater。

  LH: Swallow your pride?你说什么呢?

  Larry: To swallow your pride means to begrudgingly do something that you are embarrassed to do。

  LH: Swallow one's pride就是忍气吞声,勉强去做不愿做的事儿。这么说……你是要穿这件毛衣喽?

  Larry: Yes, if it will make you happy, I will swallow my pride and wear your mother's tacky sweater。

  LH: OH YEAH! Larry你真好!

  Larry: Well, it's only because I know you have to swallow your pride and do many things on my behalf as well。

  LH: 啊?我也为了你忍气吞声过?

  Larry: Well, remember when my boss accidentally called you his "Japanese friend"? You just smiled and nodded, but I'm sure you wanted to correct him。

  LH: 哦,想起来了。那次,你老板的确把我当成了日本人,不过没关系啦,美国人把中国、韩国、日本人搞混是常事。我不介意,我们中国人也常常觉得只要金头发蓝眼睛就都是美国人!

  Larry: Well, do you remember when you swallowed your pride last Halloween? I made you wear that tacky French maid costume to my friend's party!

  LH: 对!那次万圣节,你非让我穿那件难看得要命的法国女仆装!

  Larry: Right. And I want to thank you for swallowing your pride and wearing that tacky costume。

  LH: 等等!你是说这件爱心毛衣和那件女仆装一样俗气难看?

  Larry: Why not? I think the sweater is tacky, just like you thought the costume was tacky。

  LH: 可是……我穿的那件女仆装还特别曝露,别扭死了!

  Larry: Oh, come on. Wearing a sexy costume is normal on Halloween!

  LH: 可我不喜欢穿这种衣服!穿女仆装在你一大堆朋友前走来走去,I really had to swallow my pride! 我牺牲了多少自尊啊!

  Larry: Gee, I didn't realize it was so embarrassing for you. You win, ok? I'll wear the tacky sweater. But that's all I can do。

  LH: 你想得美!你看,这里还有一个 Hello Kitty的手套,也是我妈织给你的!戴上吧!

  Larry: Oh good grief. How does your mother know how to make all of this stuff?




At the beginning of the third article in the “Learn to Participate” series, I stated the following:

“The gap between the ability to just explain and the ability to explain well is as wide as the gap between the image of an authoritative, stubborn, aggressive, and inhuman China and that of a progressive, reasonable, normal, and gradually more humane China.”

Well, that is about speaking in front of others and about thinking on your feet. As I have pointed out in yesterday’s article, different writings can have the same kind of drastically different effects. An intelligent person can give others a rather dumb impression with badly written essays while an average student can stand out among her peers with good writings.

Again, here is my story:

Following Jeff’s instructions on my writing, I was addicted to getting help from my American classmates, especially from those who are excellent writers with enormous patience such as Noah, Lisa, and Paul. Sometimes, I spent my whole weekend in their apartment studying and playing with them just so whenever they had time, they could look at my essays. They did exactly what Jeff had done to my writing. I loved the way they taught me as I had never been trained in writing in such a fashion before.

And the training was paying off my efforts too. During the semester that I was the only Chinese within my Department without an assistantship (read The American Sensitivity), I had to wait tables on both Saturdays and Sundays in an extremely busy restaurant. So naturally, I could hardly finish the heavy readings required by some of the courses.

One course required reading three thick theoretical books in economics, sociology, and political science, and an additional one filled with personal interviews and social investigation. They were so difficult that even Americans were complaining. Meanwhile, the professor was known for his toughness in grading his students. Soon, two of my Chinese classmates dropped out. My situation looked even worse as I could barely finish half of the readings even though I was trying my best. However, for whatever amount of reading I had finished, I was able to write relatively well-organized and convincing papers, which made our professor very happy as he must have had too much headache with essays of most Chinese students. Amazingly, I passed!

Later, whenever I wanted to show appreciation to my American classmates who helped me with my writings, I always joked: “I don’t think I should thank you guys, but professor H should because you have taken a lot of headache from him by helping me.” Some of those who didn’t get an “A” joked back saying: “Oh, I wish I were a Chinese student.”

Interviewing, discussing issues in public, doing presentation, or thinking on your feet require tremendous experience and practice. Before you have many opportunities to do it, writing is probably the best way to build your communication skills. It helps you enormously in school application, visa obtainment, work, personal relationship, and eventually success and happiness. So practice it!



Directions: Write an english composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 

  老师要求你负责班级墙报( wall newspaper)工作并征求你的意见,

2004年秋季高考 优秀高考英语作文



  Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.



  Dear sir,

  I hear that our school will welcome some Canadian students to stay with us for or two weeks. Students who want to invite them to stay can take part in it. I want to try.

  First , my parents and I can speak English well. That benefits us to communicate with each other. Second, our house is big enough for he or she to stay. Furthermore , I live near the Huangpu River. It has a good view of Shanghai.

  Last but not least , in my home, he or she will enjoy much China culture. My grandpa and grandma are good at handwriting. My grandma also has a good skill in Chinese painting.

  I think our friendly will give him a both interesting and comfortable experience.

  Thank you for your reading during your busy work.. I hope that you will agree with me .

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hong



  Dear Mum and Dad,

  How are you doing ?


  Dear Mum and Dad,

  How are you doing ?

  I ‘m writing to you about my gratitude for your having brought me up and my future plan.

  Dear Mum and Dad, I am already 18 years old, which shows that I have grown up. Whenever I am thinking of this, I can’t help feeling grateful to you . It is you who first give me encoutagement when I meet with difficulties, especially when I am not getting along well with my studies. Indeed, your inspiration seems to be a lamp, which offers me light of hope, courage and confidence. And more importantly, you are always teaching me to be good to others, and try to contribute to our society.

  Dear Mum and Dad, I an now a senior three student , who is facing the competitive national college entrance examinations, So first of all, I ought to try my best to pass the exams. I am sure that through my great efforts I can and will be able to realize my beautiful dream of being a key university student. Then, I will strive to be an independent youth. The social situation I will be facing must be more competitive, so I will develop and prepare myself to be a youth with a strong sense of cooperation and competition. Believe in me, Mum and Dad, I will make a difference.

  Best regards to you .

  Yours sincerely,

  Wang Hua

  根据报道东方绿洲(Oriental Greenboat)要更名,有外国人建议用”Discovery Land” “Family Park” 或 “Youth Heaven ”,写出你的看法;或者你自己拟个名字,并陈述理由。


  As is reported, Oriental Greenboat is planning to change its name. Many citizens as well as the foreigners have great interest in giving a new name such as “Discovery Land” “Family Park” or “Youth Heaven”.

  It suddenly occurs to me that why don’t we call it “The World of Discovery ”.I’ve got several reasons to account for it.

  First of all, the word “world” has a more meaningful definition than “park” or “ land”. According to my visit, Oriental Greenboat covers a vast area, and it is more appropriate to call it a “world” rather than a “park”.

  Secondly, Oriental Greenboat provide the chance to enhance the relationship between family members and promote friendship between the youth. We are give the opportunity to relax and enjoy ,thus discovering what is of great importance in our life. Thirdly , students are involved in many activities there. They come to discover how they should cooperate and overcome the difficulties with their own efforts. This is a world for them to discover how wonderful and able they are!

  To sum up , I think it would be a wise choice to name it “ The World of Discovery”.



When the bell rings around 1:40 p.m. thousands of students spill into streets. Notebooks and textbooks remain stored in lockers for the next day. Because of a desades-long practice of promoting failing students, some teens know they will advance to the next grade even if they don’t do the homework.

Meanwhile, teachers say they are faced with the daily dilemma of whether to move ahead in a lesson when often only five or ten students out of around 30 have done the homework assignment. Very few kids do homework, and those who do it, cheat. Said a ninth english teacher, It is hard to base a lesson on homework if the work isn’t being done


  格萝利娅·伊斯特梵(Gloria Estefan),这名来自美国迈阿密古巴社区的女歌手,曾经在重大车祸中造成半身瘫痪,但她凭借自己坚强的毅力,最终战胜病魔,重新站在了舞台上,唱出了“如果我能攀登得更高,我要触摸广袤的天空”这一超越生命的最强音,并凭借这首《登峰造极》获得了当年的格莱美音乐奖,


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Gloria Estefan

Some dreams live on in time forever
Those dreams you want with all your heart
And I’ll do whatever it takes
Follow through with the promise I made
Put it all on the line, what I hoped for at last would be mine

If I could reach, higher, just for one moment touch the sky
From that one moment in my life I’m gonna be stronger
Know that I’ve tried my very best
I’d put my spirit to the test. If I could reach

Some days are meant to be remembered
Those days we rise above the stars
So I’ll go the distance this time seeing more the higher I climb
That the more I believe, all the more that this dream will be mine

If I could reach, higher, just for one moment touch the sky
From that one moment in my life I’m gonna be stronger
Know that I’ve tried my very best
I’d put my spirit to the test. If I could reach

If I could reach, higher, just for one moment touch the sky
From that one moment in my life I’m gonna be stronger, yes I am
Know that I’ve tried my very best
I’d put my spirit to the test if I could reach higher

If I could, if I could, if I could reach, reach, I’d reach, I’d reach
I’d reach’ I’d reach so much higher. Be stronger


What a mess! 真是乱

What a mess!   

The bird got out of the cage. What a mess in here!

What a mess! 真是乱










  12月3日,我收到了一封漂亮的电子邮件,是一张满是鲜花的贺卡,上面写着“祝你生日快乐”。我很奇怪,我的生日是5月,这个日子也有些太离谱了吧。是谁弄错了?我又看了一下,这才发现是以前北师大的同学寄来的, 就是那个让我们在名簿上写下姓名和电子邮件地址的同学。他当时不是让我们写自己的生日吗?他从不知道我生日的“秘密”,一直以为我是1973 年出生,属牛。今天是我30岁的生日啊!